Culture and tradition

Every museum in Slavonia hides interesting secrets from the past, and our history is rich and diverse. Explore them to learn more about the people and culture. Eltz Palace, Odescalchi Palace, Museum of Vucedol culture, Museum of Slavonia, Museum of Vinkovci, Museum of Djakovstina will keep you interested with their exhibitions. Gallery of Art and Waldinger Gallery in Osijek, and Gallery of Eltz Palace in Vukovar are the places where you can see more of the artistic works from Croatia and abroad.

Traditional festivals
Autumns of Vinkovci, Embroideries of Djakovo and the Kolo of Brod are the most famous among many festivals. Local people care a lot about their tradition and heritage. We dress up in our colorful traditional clothes, parade through the towns, sing and play music! This is a great opportunity to experience the contact of the old and the new.
Concerts & Events
There is always something going on. We like to celebrate birthdays, namedays, holidays, anniversaries, town birthdays and so on and so forth. We just need a reason to have a good time. Different festivals take place throughout the year and one can often see stands and booths on the main squares.